Margarita Madness

Margarita Madness 5k™ is a unique night 5K fun run focused less on speed and more on Margarita fun with friends and family. Margarita participants come from all different ages, shapes, sizes, and speeds; every participant will get Mad Margaritas™ and have the time of their life. Whether you are an avid runner or a walk around the park walker, the 3 miles of the Margarita Madness 5k™ course will have you beaming and waiting for the next one!

Margarita Madness 5K Run Locations

San Antonio, TX March 11, 2017 Register Now
Las Vegas, NV March 25th, 2017 Register Now
Phoenix, AZ April 22nd, 2017 Register Now
Seattle, WA June 3rd, 2017 Register Now
San Diego, CA July 8th, 2017 Register Now
Fresno, CA September 16th, 2017 Register Now
Temecula, CA November 18th, 2017 Register Now
Los Angeles, CA TBA Register Now
Oklahoma City, OK August 12, 2017 Register Now
Atlanta, GA TBA Register Now
Dallas, TX October 28th, 2017 Register Now
Denver, CO October 7th, 2017 Register Now
Miami, FL March 31st, 2018 Register Now
Minneapolis, MN TBA Register Now
Sacramento, CA February 10th, 2018 Register Now
Salt Lake City, UT May 5th, 2018 Register Now
Washington DC April 21st, 2018 Register Now
St. Louis, MO June 16th, 2018 Register Now
St. Paul, MN TBA Register Now
Pittsburgh, PA TBA Register Now

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